Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To Re-Create was the Answer!

Copyright 2013 AJD
Well its finally finished. I have created from scratch, a holiday card to share with you all.  I sketched every aspect of the card and then used the computer to color in the areas that I felt should have some color. And like every other retail and commercial venue; I've brought Christmas to life before Halloween has even arrived! So Sorry, but it must be done for companies, small businesses and even that savoy mom who is on the ball and already has half her Christmas shopping done, I have to make available what I have to offer before everyone else has finished before it has started.
Now when it comes to the design aspect of this cute little holiday greeting card, I  thought the design came out good. Very personal, old school and vintage-ish. Reminds me a little of Charlie Brown cartoons, in the way it isn't perfect; actually drawn artwork instead of the computer generated images. Something you might see if you look back at old greeting cards your grandmother or great-grandmother might have had in a hope chest. Then again it may be too up-to-date to be considered that vintage or retro. But I'm in love with my second hand drawn snowflake I've done within the past few years and this one, once drawn, scanned and colorized via Photoshop, almost as the sense of a rubber stamp pressed into the card instead of an actual drawn element. Too Cool I'd say!

So I hope you love them as much as I do, and want to share that holiday spirit with all your loved ones this season.

I've decided to sell them in sets of a dozen for $10. Envelopes are included for this 4.25x5.5" vertical card. Shipping is separate. All you have to do is comment here on how many sets you would like and once payment is complete, your cards will be on their way. You can email me also at Jolenemc08@outlook.com with your order.

All payments will be accepted through Pay Pal, my account information will be sent to those who place an order.

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