Thursday, September 26, 2013

To Re-Sell or To Re-Create? That is the Question!

Part One:

The great thing about being a designer from home is that no sleepless hour is ever wasted. I had over done it the other day and my back was paying for it! So to ware down the sleepless hours waiting for the meds to go to work, I had the opportunity to curl up on the couch and sketch. One of my favorite hobbies is to sketch, though I'm no trained illustrator, I do have moments of brilliance when a sketch leads to a great idea or can even be useful as a piece of art within a design I am working on.

Copyright 2011 AJD
And the design in question at the moment, is whether or not to create a new Christmas/holiday greeting card to sell this year. Two years ago I hand sketched then computer rendered a winter scene greeting card and put them up for sale. You ordered, I printed, mailed them out and you had a one-of-a-kind holiday card to send to your friends and family. My grandma was nice enough to buy some to send to her friends and family that year. But I was still very new to the blog world and didn't get much attention. Two years later, I'm wondering if it's time to try again?

Copyright 2013 AJD
I started sketching snowflakes, ornaments and such that sleepless night and so far love my sketches and the progress that they are heading in, but do they inspire? Does it make someone want to share the joy they see in the image with others?

Here was my beginning sketch work and brainstorm: ----->

Now I have scanned, perfected and started to rearrange the items already from this sketch, but the light bulb hasn't gone off yet for the one moment of perfect balance, that I want to share with the world. Though my daughter thinks my ideas so far "are so pretty" and in her eyes I can draw the world; got to love the praise from the little ones. But I hope to keep at it throughout the weekend and get the time needed to really transform my love of a "blue winter wonderland" into a greeting card to sell to all of you.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

And on a side note: how much would you pay for 25 - 4"x5" greeting cards with envelopes?

Talk to you soon! Hope the first week of Autumn has been a good one!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Autumn Colors

With less then a week before Autumn is officially upon us, we have to question whether mother nature is aware of what the calendar claims.  We here in California and probably many states/countries, would love to feel like autumn is about to start. We would love to feel cooler days, the ability to cuddle up on the couch at night, under a blanket, and to watch the "colors" of autumn start to appear.

Colors of autumn are one of my favorites to decorate with. My house is naturally decorated in the darker reds, olive greens and harvest oranges with great accents of chocolate brown and toupee/beige.  So when Autumn arrives  I can't wait to pull out the extra colors of fall and decorate for autumn for two months straight. I start the first week of October and go til the weekend after thanksgiving. Its so easy and really gives the feel of different seasons from within, even if the weather outside is not on the same page.

Greetings for Autumn - $2.00 per card 8"x5"
When I think about the "colors" of Autumn I think golden yellows, harvest oranges, burnt reds, and even a hint of olive greens. But I realize that commercially (within the retail stores) October is all but an array of orange (October being Halloween, Halloween means pumpkins, Pumpkins are orange) and it isn't till November that the real range of great colors seem to show up. So to celebrate the need for more "Colors" of Autumn, here is a large greeting card for Sale. Feel free to contact me via email to place your order of Autumn cards.****

The lack of such colors is a pity though, for before we even get into October, Christmas decorations are upon us with no real chance to enjoy the love of autumn without worrying about the stress of the holidays. So with that I will not start the selling of my Holiday cards here, just yet, for I even have to decide whether to pull my favorite hand stretch card design to resell or create a new one for this season. But I better start soon for though I would love to enjoy the Autumn season, the retail world beckons and if i want my slice of the pie I have to produce early. But no worries I'll talk more about that next time.

So enjoy the last week of Summer, prepare for the Season of Fall and get creative with your sparks of Autumn around your home. I'll post my decorative moments within the beginning of October as I finish the porch, and the fireplace mantel.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon!

**** Cards are printed 2 or 4 up per sheet, each sheet costing $4. Orders over 50 cards, are $3.40 per sheet. Envelopes included, payments received via Pay Pal. Shipping $10 for under 50 cards, $15 for 50-100 cards. Larger orders to be quoted.

Keep your eyes open for this next post:

   To Re-Sell or To Re-Create? That is the Question!
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