Monday, August 19, 2013

Patches at their basics.......

As I promised, here are some of the things I have created over the past five months. 

One of the cool things I was able to design this summer was "participation" patches for a local girl scout service unit and the Hollister Downtown Association's lights on celebration.

The first patch, was a sequel to the Fall clean up patch I designed back in November. So though cute and bright it was a simple design. And what I love about designing patches is that you have to create the design by keeping the print/creation process for these patches in the for front of your mind. They stitch these patches, and so the lines have to be simple, and the shapes clean, or in what we call "vector" format. It's back to basic geometric shapes. No shading, no exaggerated depth, you have to create the appearance of two or even three dimension with layers and layers of simple shapes. For example, to get the feel of say a rose, you'd create it by placing circles semi behind circles, in an off center pattern.

Now these patches are very simple and with the right pieces layered in just the right places there is at least a feel of two dimension. I hope they love it and it gives them something cute to look at to help the girls remember this event that they participated in; while keeping the cost of these patches to a reasonable price for the service unit, leaders and parents.

Another great patch I was able to create this summer was for our HDA: Hollister Downtown Association. They organize the annual "Lights on Celebrations"  here in Hollister, CA. This year they were bringing together a program/event for the Girl and Boy scouts of America to participate in. When they accomplish a number of good deeds from a select list, they'll earn this really cool patch.

It's still in progress but here is what direction we started in. Again we kept to simple lines and basic shapes to give the feel of dimension for such a normally textured item (the badge). By using circles and rectangles we could help separate out sections of the badge that we wanted to give a little more attention to. I hope that with a few more tweaks this becomes a annual patch to be used for years to come.

Well that is it for the patch designs this summer. Next post I hope to share my e-book cover art, that I was asked to create for a gifted local writer. 

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