Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Missing the shared moments of creativity

Hello followers and new comers, it's been awhile.

I feel so bad that I haven't written in months. Being an at home mom has taken up more of my time then I ever thought. My littlest one never seems to like it when I'm on the computer and my oldest is getting busier and busier with each passing year.

But fear not, that doesn't mean I haven't done anything creative. I've designed patches for our local girl scout service unit and downtown association events. I've helped a small business or two regroup their logo and designed a ebook cover or two since I last wrote. I've even created cafe curtains, painted artsy shelves and started a small two foot by two foot quilt.

I just haven't had the time to write about it as I would like. For writing is not my best talent as I've mentioned earlier in my blog
adventures, so when I write I want it to be insightful, colorful and well laid out in a way that is as creative as I strive to be.

With that being said, I hope you haven't completely given up on me and continue to see what I have to say and share. Though it's not the beginning of a new calendar year, it is the beginning of a new school year and with that, I hope a lot of new improvements and achievements for this creative mother of two.

With many creative moments to share

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