Monday, August 26, 2013

Great book cover designs for The Sunwright Chronicles

Over the past year, I was blessed with the opportunity to create the covers for a new series of books. The local writer is a gifted fantasy writer and has already published one of the many books in this great series, into the e-book world: The Sunwright Chronicles, Lifting the Veil of Tyranny.

After its first release, as many new artist do, we start to rethink what we created and want to perfect it. The book was good but once he started to write the second and third books, he realized the cover was too generic and the book could use a little more work. So the book was edited and I was called upon to consult on his vision.

We brainstormed for a few hours and worked out elements we felt would work throughout multiple book covers. Visuals that might stand out or fade out through each cover; black and white or color images, and even the layout of the title and text styles. We wanted the covers to work both with the many online thumbnails and still work beautifully once printed into the hardback format.

As you can see we decided that the black and white style with pops of color should do the trick, not to just grab attention on the screen but to go with the feel of the story line.

The second book is in the final editing stages with a new publisher who will hopefully take the local writer to new heights and great success; with the second book cover already created and approved. Again black and white, a similar character and pops of color to grab your attention. I can't wait to start the creation of the third and fourth books with my creative juices challenged to create new pieces of art.

While this second book is being completed, follow the local writer Kevin Villegas around with his other great love - gaming:
Twitch TV with Kevm30. And if you have a love for fiction fantasy stories, keep your eyes out for these two books to surface within the near future.

I hope the book covers inspire you to challenge your creative juices and create any piece of artwork; whether on a wall for a baby's room, the front of a spiral notebook or a wonderful page in a scrapbook. For creative moments don't have to be on a computer, they don't have to be done with a mouse. Use your imagination and anythiny, or everything, you have in your house; there is no limit to your creative vision.

Thanks for reading, hope to have more creative moments to share with you soon!

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