Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sammie's Bedroom Re-Do Part 2

Well its official: My daughter's room is finally DONE!

Furniture rearranged, craft wall and corner organized, toys in place for maximized play space and the decorations for this girlie tomboy of 6 years old is complete!

As mentioned in part 1, a new placement of furniture and toys was defiantly needed after three weeks of Christmas break and new toys arriving. Once that was in place it was finding among the boxes all the precious elements that Sammie adored.

Shelves went up, butterflies were hung and drapes were created with the help from Pink Chalk Fabrics wonderful stock of new fabrics. And with the last touch of a new ceiling fan that she picked out herself, the room was completed on Sunday!

It feels like years in the making to get her room back to the fun personal space she once enjoyed, but it has all been worth it.

Now with one girlie room complete, another one sits on the horizon with lots of flowers and butterflies to come!

Hope to have some new design elements for you to enjoy by April.

Happy Spring!
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