Thursday, January 10, 2013

Windows of Creativity

When I get the privilege of working with a client (new or old) I love the windows of creativity that open up in front of me.

It seems that anyone within a service job always leaves themselves last on the list of things to do. A mechanic may leave his car at the bottom of  his mental "to do list". A Seamstress's pile of repairs for herself may go unnoticed until everyone else is taken care of, and a graphic designer may not update or improve on his or her designs and business essentials until, well... it hits them smack between the eyes.

As I work with a small company that needs a new brochure, blog header or mass mailer, it's a amazing to me how the wheels start turning about my own business and design needs; "maybe that technic will work with my images..." or "why didn't I try that layout combo with my business cards?" Being a graphic designer, I get the opportunity to try all the new technics and skills of designing, on my business first. But for some reason rarely ever do. It takes the brilliance of a new logo or brochure that I have created for a new business, that finally inspires me to take the leap and put that same brilliant talent into my own work and appearance.

Hence.... the reason and inspiration for the updated header above, the fine tuning of the elements within the blog and hopefully many more great post to come in the future for you all to read.

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