Sunday, January 20, 2013

Well if it worked the first time....

Well if it worked the first time, let's try it again!

After a little over a year, a client out mine decided to start a second blog, that's right a second blog. The first one has gone really well but she felt it was time to divide and conquer. She covers such a wide spectrum of creativity with her first blog that she felt it was time create a second blog to help give each blog it's own specialty.

Buttons, Bows & Bling has a wonderful collage type header of everything fabric and sewing that it will need no introductions to what she will write and share about: the header sews it all.

Her newest blog will cover everything else she loves to do:

Create. Upcylce. Decorate. Organize
She's not just a master seamstress but a talented woman that has a great knack for creating wonderful things out of old things, the out of the box thinking created from new things, and the love of organizing to make any ordinary space into the most useful one that she needs. With this newer blog, she'll be able to highlight these great skills leaving the fabric and sewing projects to the Buttons, Bows and Bling blog.

All the creative aspects of her life, represented on two amazing blogs.

And to top off all this amazing creativity, I had the wonderful opportunity to design the blog headers and set up her blog pages.

Hooray for my graphic design skills!

She is also the inspiration behind my last post and the re-do of my blog. Love when inspiration and the drive to improve ones self, comes from the skills you have to help someone else reach their goals that they set for them self. 

As you can see, the headers are very different in their styles with a only a few small elements that are similar to give you the sense that they are both from the same blogger.  The love for these bright colors is the common thread from one blog to another, but the essence and direction of each header I created are drastically different. One is full, vibrant, creatively busy and leaves you wanting to read more about all the wonderful creations that come from her studio. The other is light, whimsical, refreshing and motives you to want to try new things with the items you already posses.

I hope you get the opportunity to read them both and enjoy all her creativity as much as I have over the past year.

On other news, Sammie's bedroom makeover is almost done and I can't wait to share all the little aspects of that adventure, very soon!

Thanks for reading

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