Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sammie's Bedroom Re-Do Part 1

In the new year we bought my oldest a new bed. We thought that we would just put it in the same location as the old bed. But with the addition of a Slide to this new loft bed setup, we lost a whole wall of usable play storage and display space. We couldn't have that. So a reorganize was in order.

I haven't finished all aspects of the decor yet, but all is organized in a place that makes the most sense and gets the most storage too.

So I will share a few areas that are complete; Her wall of toy storage and Barbie corner, the reading cottage under the loft bed, AND the newly added craft area.

To start out, we moved the bed from its original placement and decided to place the slide under the window (will show that off later).  With the window wall being a half wall of storage space, what better place then here to put a slide. Which now freed up the second longest wall in the room for toys, storage and play space on the floor. Along with some wonderfully colorful canvas fabric artwork made by Grammie.

This wall makes up a good portion of our hallway too.
With the bed now adjacent to the window and the odd slide piece now under the window, a great reading cottage, or cottage library, was created. 

a 26" x 40" bookshelf and highly loved pillow pets make it a great use of loft space

Sammie just adores this little piece of heaven. We read in this cottage library every night.

And last but not least (with still two walls to decorate) Is the ever inspired craft corner. I have to thank iheartorganizing for inspiring me to look outside the box, and use something with a new purpose to house many craft supplies for one 6 year old girl (and out of reach of a 18 month old little hands)

I didn't have a lot of time to look and very little money. I started at Target, and low and behold, there was the most unexpected item to do just what I needed it to do; a closet door organizer for shoes, and other random closet items. PERFECT! (only $10 too)

It fit coloring books where flip flops or flat shoes could go. There were pockets for markers, pens, color pencils, and paint. Mini holders for glue sticks and erasers. And with Velcro and hooks, the list of possibilities seemed endless.  The transformation was awesome. Many little boxes and a table turned into a wall of creativity with a place to dream!

cluttered mess after Christmas, new furniture layout, to creative work space!

I couldn't be more happy with all the little aspects of a room that is now loved, adored, and played in with ease many hours of the week. I still need to decorate above the bed and curtains still to be made; fabric choices are being discussed and now need to be found, sammie is a very imaginative designer.

So look for those design moments by late February....I hope! Everyone try to stay healthy and happy for the stomach bug took my family for a loop two weeks ago and I wish that flu on no one.... :)

Thanks for reading. Share with you soon!

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