Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sammie's Bedroom Re-Do Part 1

In the new year we bought my oldest a new bed. We thought that we would just put it in the same location as the old bed. But with the addition of a Slide to this new loft bed setup, we lost a whole wall of usable play storage and display space. We couldn't have that. So a reorganize was in order.

I haven't finished all aspects of the decor yet, but all is organized in a place that makes the most sense and gets the most storage too.

So I will share a few areas that are complete; Her wall of toy storage and Barbie corner, the reading cottage under the loft bed, AND the newly added craft area.

To start out, we moved the bed from its original placement and decided to place the slide under the window (will show that off later).  With the window wall being a half wall of storage space, what better place then here to put a slide. Which now freed up the second longest wall in the room for toys, storage and play space on the floor. Along with some wonderfully colorful canvas fabric artwork made by Grammie.

This wall makes up a good portion of our hallway too.
With the bed now adjacent to the window and the odd slide piece now under the window, a great reading cottage, or cottage library, was created. 

a 26" x 40" bookshelf and highly loved pillow pets make it a great use of loft space

Sammie just adores this little piece of heaven. We read in this cottage library every night.

And last but not least (with still two walls to decorate) Is the ever inspired craft corner. I have to thank iheartorganizing for inspiring me to look outside the box, and use something with a new purpose to house many craft supplies for one 6 year old girl (and out of reach of a 18 month old little hands)

I didn't have a lot of time to look and very little money. I started at Target, and low and behold, there was the most unexpected item to do just what I needed it to do; a closet door organizer for shoes, and other random closet items. PERFECT! (only $10 too)

It fit coloring books where flip flops or flat shoes could go. There were pockets for markers, pens, color pencils, and paint. Mini holders for glue sticks and erasers. And with Velcro and hooks, the list of possibilities seemed endless.  The transformation was awesome. Many little boxes and a table turned into a wall of creativity with a place to dream!

cluttered mess after Christmas, new furniture layout, to creative work space!

I couldn't be more happy with all the little aspects of a room that is now loved, adored, and played in with ease many hours of the week. I still need to decorate above the bed and curtains still to be made; fabric choices are being discussed and now need to be found, sammie is a very imaginative designer.

So look for those design moments by late February....I hope! Everyone try to stay healthy and happy for the stomach bug took my family for a loop two weeks ago and I wish that flu on no one.... :)

Thanks for reading. Share with you soon!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Well if it worked the first time....

Well if it worked the first time, let's try it again!

After a little over a year, a client out mine decided to start a second blog, that's right a second blog. The first one has gone really well but she felt it was time to divide and conquer. She covers such a wide spectrum of creativity with her first blog that she felt it was time create a second blog to help give each blog it's own specialty.

Buttons, Bows & Bling has a wonderful collage type header of everything fabric and sewing that it will need no introductions to what she will write and share about: the header sews it all.

Her newest blog will cover everything else she loves to do:

Create. Upcylce. Decorate. Organize
She's not just a master seamstress but a talented woman that has a great knack for creating wonderful things out of old things, the out of the box thinking created from new things, and the love of organizing to make any ordinary space into the most useful one that she needs. With this newer blog, she'll be able to highlight these great skills leaving the fabric and sewing projects to the Buttons, Bows and Bling blog.

All the creative aspects of her life, represented on two amazing blogs.

And to top off all this amazing creativity, I had the wonderful opportunity to design the blog headers and set up her blog pages.

Hooray for my graphic design skills!

She is also the inspiration behind my last post and the re-do of my blog. Love when inspiration and the drive to improve ones self, comes from the skills you have to help someone else reach their goals that they set for them self. 

As you can see, the headers are very different in their styles with a only a few small elements that are similar to give you the sense that they are both from the same blogger.  The love for these bright colors is the common thread from one blog to another, but the essence and direction of each header I created are drastically different. One is full, vibrant, creatively busy and leaves you wanting to read more about all the wonderful creations that come from her studio. The other is light, whimsical, refreshing and motives you to want to try new things with the items you already posses.

I hope you get the opportunity to read them both and enjoy all her creativity as much as I have over the past year.

On other news, Sammie's bedroom makeover is almost done and I can't wait to share all the little aspects of that adventure, very soon!

Thanks for reading

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Windows of Creativity

When I get the privilege of working with a client (new or old) I love the windows of creativity that open up in front of me.

It seems that anyone within a service job always leaves themselves last on the list of things to do. A mechanic may leave his car at the bottom of  his mental "to do list". A Seamstress's pile of repairs for herself may go unnoticed until everyone else is taken care of, and a graphic designer may not update or improve on his or her designs and business essentials until, well... it hits them smack between the eyes.

As I work with a small company that needs a new brochure, blog header or mass mailer, it's a amazing to me how the wheels start turning about my own business and design needs; "maybe that technic will work with my images..." or "why didn't I try that layout combo with my business cards?" Being a graphic designer, I get the opportunity to try all the new technics and skills of designing, on my business first. But for some reason rarely ever do. It takes the brilliance of a new logo or brochure that I have created for a new business, that finally inspires me to take the leap and put that same brilliant talent into my own work and appearance.

Hence.... the reason and inspiration for the updated header above, the fine tuning of the elements within the blog and hopefully many more great post to come in the future for you all to read.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year Followers!

Well it has been awhile and a lot has kept me away from blogging and designing.

New house, holidays and well two little girls.

But as the new year has finally arrived (along with really cold weather for California), I have many projects ahead of me. I hope to get some of them up and ready for you to read. Some are creative DIY moments in the girls rooms inspired from other wonderful blogs;  iheartorganizing is just one for example. When other moments are actually graphic designed based; working on creating another header and blog page for a client, random Girl Scout pieces for a local troop and cover art for an e-book series.

Though I'm not sure how often I'll blog, I'll try to be as consistent as possible. (maybe once a month is reasonable, though would love to write and share more)

I hope you all have had a great holiday season, that the year ended with many goals accomplished and that the New Year brings only great adventures and many blessings!

Share with you soon!
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