Monday, July 9, 2012

Re-purpose the Great Room

The kids needed more play room, I needed a space that arranged everything in one central location and well the clutter was getting to me. So a family day of rearranging our "great room" was in order.

Most of the clutter cleaned up before we moved stuff
We had reorganized the office alcove and the under the window space a few months back after the baby was born and crawling around. But now she is walking and getting into everything. The toys were piling up, the playpen and the office chairs were fighting for space and I was tired of all the bruises I was getting from trying to maneuver around all these obstacles.

I had dreamed up a new layout when we were contemplating buying a larger unit very similar to our rental, so the brainstorming was already in play. I made a few adjustments, sent a few unneeded items to the garage for storage and "poof" the room was rearranged! Well with lots of help from my hubby, which without his help would not have been accomplished (I had pulled a nerve in my shoulder, while sleeping, the night before so could barely move my head let alone shift furniture) So HOORAY to my husband for all his hard work!

The great thing now is that the kids have a huge open area to play in the front of the great room where there is plenty of light and very little furniture & electronics in their way.

Better yet, both my graphic world and sewing/craft world are now just a quick 180 degree rotation of my body, away from each other. I don't have to go across the room, through the desk chairs, over the pile of toys and around the couch table to get to my crafts when I need to finish a multi-median project. And even better the kids are not using my sewing table area as a play area. This great alcove/horse shoe shaped area we have created is even easier to block off and tell them OFF LIMITS!

As you can see, the sewing area is already being put to good use, displaying all the projects I want to get accomplished within the next few weeks both for the house and for my online store Jolene Marie Designs. Already the Ottoman top is almost finished being re-padded and covered, and we have laid out the measurements for simple new drapes I get to sew up for the large window wall behind the TV.

Once the ottoman is done I'll show you its quick transformation and the progress of more projects that are in the making. And don't worry, I haven't forgot the red wicker charger project, still need to get those cork pieces cut and assembled. With this new arrangement I hope to work even more on my crafts and graphics, for I am so enjoying my new area and hope it last for months to come!

PS. Thank you Pink Chalk Fabrics and your "Where I Sew" article, for it inspired me to rearrange my great room, sooner rather then later. Now I have a really cute sewing/craft area that I'm proud to show off to everyone!

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