Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Quick Re-Purpose of Items

  vartHere's an ode to moms and wasting nothing a little kid has or can enjoy for months to come.

In the past week and most of the summer, for that matter, I have been looking at things in a new light.

As my pre-schooler was coming out of a winter full of jeans and into a summer of no shorts, I had to do something to remedy the lack of wardrobe. I noticed that she was finally fitting into the waist of her jeans but the knees had seen their last days, holy as holy can get. Well a bit of wisdom seeped into my bank of knowledge and the idea to cut above the holes and make knee length jeans emerged. Thank you creative people, within my family; waste not, want not.

Then I bought 16" diameter tissue pom poms as decorations for a baby shower. When the shower was done we couldn't decide, do we throw away or try to get them folded back up into the packaging (yeah right). As we racked our brains on what to do, BAM! the idea came to my mom; place them on the ceiling in my daughter's room as clouds and fuzzy sky like items. Since I'm renting I can't put up her real clouds and butterfly decor, for they require too many push pins, so this was a great substitute. Hang them from their string and lots of tape.

Before                                                           After 

Last but not least; a hello kitty top sheet turned curtains for my adorable niece's new room. She just turned 7 and an extra top sheet ended up within her bedding. And there lay a naked window with the need for flare. So I cut off the extra length, cut them in half vertically, to make two curtain panels, lots of hems and a little sewing to create a pocket for the pressure rod, and the cutest set of curtains were born.

Lots and lots of re-purposing! Not too many sewing projects left. Just a few interior design pieces; One more hello kitty makeover... rework the old vanity skirt with the left over material from the top sheet, such fun! And the long over due Wicker Cork Wall hanging, along with a number of Graphic Design projects on the horizon.

The Summer should end with a bang of great designs; only leading into a year of great holiday treasures and creativity!

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  1. Great job on the curtains, you are finally sewing. Go girl!

  2. it was great fun. and I'm so happy I was able to do them for my niece


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