Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Little Something Yellow!

One afternoon, I was watering my flowers and knocked the head of one of the flowers straight off, clean cut! My daughter immediately decided we needed to place the flower into water so it wouldn't die. So humoring her, I decided to look for something small, besides the usual paper cup, to hold the yellow flower head. After a little searching, I came across the green shot glass. Perfect! I placed it on the window sill above the sink to get a little sun and figured it would probably die in a few days, but it made my girl happy so why not.

Well a week later it's still hanging in there, and it gave me an idea. I was just watching this past Tuesday's Design Star, and one of the camera challenges inspired me. One of the contestant suggested bringing the outdoors in, by placing greenery into a clear glass lamp for color and interest. So I took her advice, did a little more searching within my cupboards and found some unused margarita glasses, cut the rest of the yellow flowers I had that were in full bloom and arrange them on my kitchen sill. What a cute little center piece to look at when I do the dishes, throughout the day.

I have also noticed a pattern, lately I have centered a lot of my post around flowers. Now i don't have a very green thumb. It's a very seasonal thumb and a short season at that, but it seems my mother's love for flowers has been passed onto me and I can't help but admire them and use them for inspiration. I hope you enjoy the floral photos throughout the summer as I design, create and share my inspirations.

Still working on the design layout of cork pieces on the red wicker charger and hope next to figure out how to cut the corks into their 1/2 inch pieces without cutting off any digits.

Don't forget, all of you with the love of the countryside, there is still a wall hanging up for sale at Jolene Marie Designs.

Design with you soon!

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