Friday, June 8, 2012

Backdrops of texture

I finally bought my annual "Spring Potted Flowers" for my little back yard!

Once planted the colors always inspire me as an artist and graphic designer. Each plant is so vibrant in color and so different in texture, I must photograph them and work the images into wonderful backdrops for my next projects or designing adventures.


The  great thing about advertisements, post cards, greeting cards, banners, signs and such, is that they all need either a gorgeous background or a lively focal point to draw in the eye and grab the attention of the customer. Things like nature: flowers, trees, wood, leaves and water, are all great elements to use in the background of an ad or post card. There's plenty of color and texture to give contrast to the text that is to be placed on the page.

With an open mind and great photography, the simplest lines in a leaf, or the layers in a rose bud can give life to that much needed background, for the most spectacular piece of business literature.

Never limit your visions, for the most unexpected photo could have the biggest possibilities!

Have a moment? Take a look at my newest home decor design. The link is just to the right below some of my favorite websites and blogs, Hand Made Artist - Jolene Marie.

New Home Decor ideas brewing daily: wine corks, a red wicker charger, bottle caps and fabrics... just a few of the elements I'm working with in my newest concepts. Can't wait to give you updates on their progress!

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