Sunday, March 25, 2012

Digitally Hand Made

As we round into the last week of March, I have to apologize to my followers and new comers, for I have not kept you up to date with my graphic progress. For I have been busy this month, just not as many finished projects as I had hoped.

For two weeks of this month, my family was infected with a nasty head cold/flu bug, but when the moments allowed many creative events did occur. A lot of brainstorming, sketch work and photography was accomplished.

All the brainstorming has lead to projects and ideas.  Like up-cycling some vintage hand-stitched fabric panels and creating some digitally printed photo inspired wall hangings. And of course I am still working away at new fabric designs every moment I get, but I never realized just how time consuming these fabric designs could be.

I hope to have one of these great projects done within the next two weeks to share with you. I promise to post its progress, the outcome and where you will be able to purchase this great piece of art decor.

Thanks for your patience and loyal visits.

New post still to come:

• Creating web page store fronts
• Fabric design requirements

Special thank you to my hubby; for all his inspiration and wonderful photography moments!
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