Thursday, February 23, 2012

Textile Designer: Trial and Errors

For me textile design is working with one of the raw materials: fabric. So essentially I'm designing the imagery you see on a piece of cloth.  I hope someday someone will buy them to make a skirt, purse or apron out of them. Or if I'm really lucky, a collection of my fabric designs, will inspire someone to create a quilt pattern for just such a collection.

Though the trick to fabric designing that I'm finding out, is what and where to start and end a repetition of a group of elements. How big of an area do I repeat? How many elements to have within the original pattern? And do I design according to my whimsical delight or to blend with the current trend that already exist and might already be well established everywhere for everyone to use. I've heard that it can take months if not a year plus to get a design bought and/or produced into a cloth rendition of what you created on the computer screen. Will I run out of time to join in with the current trend or do I branch off in a similar direction to start a new trend?  So again how do you decide which direction to go when creating something for that wonderful raw material!

I guess the answer is a little bit of everything and lucky for me, as a graphic designer, any and all of my fabric designs can be re-purposed into other printable material with just a few adjustments, if fabric just isn't in the appropriate time frame for me. So no creative time wasted!

New Post Still to come!

• Creating web page store fronts
• Samples and Teasers of new designs
• Fabric design requirements

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