Friday, February 10, 2012

Textile Designer: Creations

As I mentioned in my last post I've decided to dabble in the textile industry and see what I can design that can be transformed into raw materials like fabric and finished products like note cards and such. I know what I want the final products to be, but the designs themselves have left me. Designer block? NO..... Not That!

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No, not really! The creations are there in my head, so a better word(s) for my creation delays could be the "lack of motivation" to want to sit at my computer and create them. Of course having my 6 month old sick with bronchitis and pneumonia doesn't help with the motivation part. For I want to create these great ideas, but I also know I could sit at the computer for hours and never come up for air and that's not fair to either of my girls.

So how do I balance the want to create for hours (cause once you get started on a good design it's hard to stop) and the demands and responsibilities of motherhood?

I know the answer; time management, schedules and routines. Well at least the answer is there, now being able to create that schedule that works for everyone, will have to be my next project!

On another note, I'm looking into what to do with the designs once they are created. Do I produce them, sell them, loan them out or just add them to my portfolio? So if anyone out there knows of a good agent or a head hunter type in the textile world that I can talk to about selling and producing my designs, I'd appreciate the referral. Leave a comment or just email me at

copyright 2011
Well, I was given an unexpected free hour while my daughter slept to do some designing, so the graphics in this post are a sneak peak at what I was working on.

New post to look out for:

• fabric design requirements
• getting an agent for your designs
• creating web page store fronts

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