Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Floral Inspiration

Its amazing how one set of gorgeous flowers can lead to a number of inspirational projects. 

Being a graphic designer sometime takes me into other fields of design. I'm still hashing out elements of a textile designer and once in awhile I get to play at interior design when the mood hits me. This past week, the interior design bug did just that. And these Gladiolus from Safeway were a great inspiration. Safeway had this great deal a few weeks ago, Gladiolus for around $3 a bunch. They are now two weeks old and still going strong. We have been so impressed with them we started photographing them just for the color that they displayed. This led me to think about posters and framed artwork for the house. The graphic designer in me says; crop, color and produce into a printed material that any interior designer could use.

We still have a few places in the house that could use a little more color. Once we took down the Christmas decorations last month I realized we really needed more color on the walls in our everyday lives. I love to think that great artist and talented professionals are my muse when I decide to venture into photography. When I see flowers, Georgia O'Keeffe immediately comes to mind as my artistic inspiration and I love to get photo inspiration from my dear friend who owns Delicate Moments.  So I thought maybe with just the right angle on the flowers, up close or the perfect vertical shot,  we could have a wonderful, colorful, framed photo on the wall between our office and downstairs bathroom. A black framed photo with color, edge to edge, sounds just about right to me for the space in question. Now which angle to choose and crop for the most impact? We have so many to choose from!

Then my husband wanted to take a stab at capturing the flowers, with our new Sony NEX-C3, which led to a great little photo session with my daughter and the flowers. Copies have been made for a few special birthday ladies within the family. Another way my graphic design brain takes an opportunity and creates something memorable for many to enjoy.

Can we say precious?

And last but not least, we finally decided a TV was not needed in the master bedroom, so why waste electricity on something plugged in, that we never use. What better reason do I need to utilize all the design tips I have been watching on HGTV every morning, then that of an empty surface space. With a newer bedspread and our new found love for Gladiolus as inspiration, I went shopping at Michaels for silk flowers, etc. They are having a 50% off Floral Stem Sale, going on right now and I made out like a bandit with all my sale items! Then I added a few extra accessories I haven't been able to use around the house; candles, a windup clock and a great painted mini sketch book by Shannon Grissom,  and my view every morning, as I get out of bed, is now a whole lot brighter.

One simple little flower, three great design inspirations!

Stores that were helpful in this moment of Interior Design:

Safeway:   591 Tres Pinos Rd In Hollister
Michaels:  6745 Camino Arroyo In Gilroy

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• Samples and Teasers of new designs
• Fabric design requirements

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