Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Floral Inspiration

Its amazing how one set of gorgeous flowers can lead to a number of inspirational projects. 

Being a graphic designer sometime takes me into other fields of design. I'm still hashing out elements of a textile designer and once in awhile I get to play at interior design when the mood hits me. This past week, the interior design bug did just that. And these Gladiolus from Safeway were a great inspiration. Safeway had this great deal a few weeks ago, Gladiolus for around $3 a bunch. They are now two weeks old and still going strong. We have been so impressed with them we started photographing them just for the color that they displayed. This led me to think about posters and framed artwork for the house. The graphic designer in me says; crop, color and produce into a printed material that any interior designer could use.

We still have a few places in the house that could use a little more color. Once we took down the Christmas decorations last month I realized we really needed more color on the walls in our everyday lives. I love to think that great artist and talented professionals are my muse when I decide to venture into photography. When I see flowers, Georgia O'Keeffe immediately comes to mind as my artistic inspiration and I love to get photo inspiration from my dear friend who owns Delicate Moments.  So I thought maybe with just the right angle on the flowers, up close or the perfect vertical shot,  we could have a wonderful, colorful, framed photo on the wall between our office and downstairs bathroom. A black framed photo with color, edge to edge, sounds just about right to me for the space in question. Now which angle to choose and crop for the most impact? We have so many to choose from!

Then my husband wanted to take a stab at capturing the flowers, with our new Sony NEX-C3, which led to a great little photo session with my daughter and the flowers. Copies have been made for a few special birthday ladies within the family. Another way my graphic design brain takes an opportunity and creates something memorable for many to enjoy.

Can we say precious?

And last but not least, we finally decided a TV was not needed in the master bedroom, so why waste electricity on something plugged in, that we never use. What better reason do I need to utilize all the design tips I have been watching on HGTV every morning, then that of an empty surface space. With a newer bedspread and our new found love for Gladiolus as inspiration, I went shopping at Michaels for silk flowers, etc. They are having a 50% off Floral Stem Sale, going on right now and I made out like a bandit with all my sale items! Then I added a few extra accessories I haven't been able to use around the house; candles, a windup clock and a great painted mini sketch book by Shannon Grissom,  and my view every morning, as I get out of bed, is now a whole lot brighter.

One simple little flower, three great design inspirations!

Stores that were helpful in this moment of Interior Design:

Safeway:   591 Tres Pinos Rd In Hollister
Michaels:  6745 Camino Arroyo In Gilroy

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Textile Designer: Trial and Errors

For me textile design is working with one of the raw materials: fabric. So essentially I'm designing the imagery you see on a piece of cloth.  I hope someday someone will buy them to make a skirt, purse or apron out of them. Or if I'm really lucky, a collection of my fabric designs, will inspire someone to create a quilt pattern for just such a collection.

Though the trick to fabric designing that I'm finding out, is what and where to start and end a repetition of a group of elements. How big of an area do I repeat? How many elements to have within the original pattern? And do I design according to my whimsical delight or to blend with the current trend that already exist and might already be well established everywhere for everyone to use. I've heard that it can take months if not a year plus to get a design bought and/or produced into a cloth rendition of what you created on the computer screen. Will I run out of time to join in with the current trend or do I branch off in a similar direction to start a new trend?  So again how do you decide which direction to go when creating something for that wonderful raw material!

I guess the answer is a little bit of everything and lucky for me, as a graphic designer, any and all of my fabric designs can be re-purposed into other printable material with just a few adjustments, if fabric just isn't in the appropriate time frame for me. So no creative time wasted!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A designer's soapbox: When we design.....

It's amazing how many people don't realize that not every design, creation or image is an universal piece. It takes a great graphic designer and a very open minded business owner to be able to create a logo that can transcend from one piece of business literature to another and not lose its shape, its message or its purpose. And for myself, it's one of my biggest challenges! To be able to help brand a business so perfectly that no matter where you see that companies logo you know the product and services in an instance.

Another great challenge most designers have to keep in mind when creating images for a client is it's ending appearance: print, screen, 2 dimensional or 3....small, medium or large! We cannot and should not design something 2 inches by 2 inches and expect it to look great on a billboard all blown-up. We should know that something printed on a 4 color process printing machine shouldn't be created with a 3 color process program. And if we are really good at what we do, we better be good investigators as well. The more questions we ask, the more information we gather from a client, the more likely we are to achieve the creation of an outstanding product the client will use successfully. And will come back for more.

Thanks for listening to my little soapbox moment!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Textile Designer: Creations

As I mentioned in my last post I've decided to dabble in the textile industry and see what I can design that can be transformed into raw materials like fabric and finished products like note cards and such. I know what I want the final products to be, but the designs themselves have left me. Designer block? NO..... Not That!

copyright 2011
No, not really! The creations are there in my head, so a better word(s) for my creation delays could be the "lack of motivation" to want to sit at my computer and create them. Of course having my 6 month old sick with bronchitis and pneumonia doesn't help with the motivation part. For I want to create these great ideas, but I also know I could sit at the computer for hours and never come up for air and that's not fair to either of my girls.

So how do I balance the want to create for hours (cause once you get started on a good design it's hard to stop) and the demands and responsibilities of motherhood?

I know the answer; time management, schedules and routines. Well at least the answer is there, now being able to create that schedule that works for everyone, will have to be my next project!

On another note, I'm looking into what to do with the designs once they are created. Do I produce them, sell them, loan them out or just add them to my portfolio? So if anyone out there knows of a good agent or a head hunter type in the textile world that I can talk to about selling and producing my designs, I'd appreciate the referral. Leave a comment or just email me at Jolenemc08@gmail.com.

copyright 2011
Well, I was given an unexpected free hour while my daughter slept to do some designing, so the graphics in this post are a sneak peak at what I was working on.

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