Saturday, January 28, 2012

Textile Designer

Every year a company needs to decide which direction to take the business. In my case as a graphic designer, I have many directions to choose from. Do I work for a large company as an employee, do I work independently and have companies hire me per project? Do I create business literature for those individual companies or create products to be produced and sold to the public? Many choices many decisions.

For now I believe working for oneself and creating the business literature a company needs when they need it, gives me the freedom to be a working wife and full time mom at the same time.

But recently, I've had a few new muses in my life that have made me think about creating items to produce and sell to the public. These wonderful muses being my mom's studio and her blog site, Buttons, Bows & Bling. They have given me ideas about creating outside of the business world and into the huge world of textile design and paper products.

Now a textile designer is simply this: Textile designing involves producing patterns for cloth used in clothing, household textiles (such as towels) and decorative textiles such as carpets. The field encompasses the actual pattern making as well as supervising part or all of the production process. In other words, textile design is a process from the raw material into finished product. Fiber, yarn and finishes are the key elements to be considered during the textile design procedure. (definition from Wikipedia)

As a computer graphic designer, my process can be seen as somewhat similar to this... I create a digital image of the business literature and require raw material (paper) to print this item on, in such a way that I can place the finished product in your hands. So for me to continue to create paper products like note cards, calendars and other great ideas you'll just have to wait to see (shh....its a secret) its nothing outside my comfort zone, just a great opportunity to create wonderful new items.

But as a textile designer, that is where the real adventure begins. I've just started the research on creating the decorative side of a raw material; FABRIC. Fabric design in the textile world is a huge industry right now. New designs and fabric styles are coming out monthly if not daily and whether I'll be able to catch a ride on this wagon in time, is still to be seen. I know that the fabrics in my mom's collection are huge inspirations to me and I hope that some of these designs rub off on me and I can create brand new designs. They may or may not become actual fabric, for the process is a long one... but no one says I cannot create paper products inspired by the idea of fabric and their complimentary elements. 

There is so much to look into, many ideas to create and many new printing procedures to learn and embrace. 

So here is a sample of some inspiring fall colors that may sneak into some of my up-and-coming designs.

Keep your eyes open for more teasers and hints on how my new design adventures are going.

New Post to look for:
   • Trials and tribulations along the way
   • Samples and Teasers of new designs
   • Design Hints and Tips when producing Printed Material

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