Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quilts! Well Almost....

As I finish up the last of the doll projects for my daughter, I have come to realize first hand what the appeal is to quilting. Now for me, its not so much the use of the sewing machine but the pattern and the matching, end to end, of one great piece of fabric after another. In how you get a wonderful image once you put together a number of fabrics. Fabrics that I would never imagine would go together in the first place. It reminds me of pointillism during the Post-Impressionism era... all those little dots; alone they make nothing but together they have this visual affect that you can only see once you step back and take in the whole canvas. I think of the same visual affect when quilting; single strips of fabric may or may not be appealing, but sew them together and a bigger image emerges and the quilt becomes a gorgeous piece of artwork for one's bed or wall.

The sad thing is these first few projects I've done are no where near "pieces of artwork". I've kept them simple but my daughter is in love with the ending results and their purpose; keeping her and her dolls warm, so I'm happy!

But my toes are now wet and the need to refine my sewing skills is upon me. Whether I get the time to actually cut and sew an actual quilt pattern is still to be seen, but I have my eyes on a few patterns, Heather Bailey's PICNIC Blanket is sure to be at the top of that list.

Below is the "No Sew Disney Fleece Blanket" that I re-purposed to make a larger bedspread. The hot pink fleece fabric for the backside was cut into strips (with help from my mom...fleece not fun to cut) to enlarge all four sides of the front panel, then two blues from a "Crystal" collection, bought at Homespun Harbor, were sewn together to make a new back, then batting in the middle and a few knots to keep it all in place.

I used all the same material along with some denim to make a quick piece together blanket for my daughter's 20" doll bed. I created the quilt design according to the size of strips I had left over; cutting squares, rectangles and triangles accordingly.

Daughter's Room...Done!

Thanks for sharing in my epiphany of quilting and my new found love for sewing.

More graphic design adventures soon to come.

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