Saturday, January 7, 2012

Business Cards and Logos

With the new year comes new beginnings and great new businesses. A new business needs a new look, a logo and some marketing to help keep them out in front of it's competition.

A good example of this need for new looks, is a great little business I've come to know, Delicate Moments. A photographer with a talent for scenic images and the most precious portrait work with kids and family.

This year, she's decided a business card is an absolute need for her business's success. She gave me one of her favorite photos and the proper contact information, and I was able to design her four different business card layouts to choice from.

Now the photo is a sweet black and white rendering of its original and really gives me a clean black and white look to work with. I can really utilize the clean professional feel of just black and white, but still have a soft touch by using the photo as the focal point.

I did design two of the four cards, so that the photo shared the space with the contact information, but still gave the photo an artsy flare.

As you enjoy the new year and work towards your many goals both personal and professional, always keep in mind how you could represent yourself to the public eye: be creative, unique and individual.

Some new adventures and designs still to come by end of January so keep your eyes open.

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  1. From a follower that was having technical difficulties: I think you did a fantastic job! I loved your presentation, really really appreciated the shout out, and absolutely fell in love with your logo.

    Thanks for the comments lish


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