Saturday, January 28, 2012

Textile Designer

Every year a company needs to decide which direction to take the business. In my case as a graphic designer, I have many directions to choose from. Do I work for a large company as an employee, do I work independently and have companies hire me per project? Do I create business literature for those individual companies or create products to be produced and sold to the public? Many choices many decisions.

For now I believe working for oneself and creating the business literature a company needs when they need it, gives me the freedom to be a working wife and full time mom at the same time.

But recently, I've had a few new muses in my life that have made me think about creating items to produce and sell to the public. These wonderful muses being my mom's studio and her blog site, Buttons, Bows & Bling. They have given me ideas about creating outside of the business world and into the huge world of textile design and paper products.

Now a textile designer is simply this: Textile designing involves producing patterns for cloth used in clothing, household textiles (such as towels) and decorative textiles such as carpets. The field encompasses the actual pattern making as well as supervising part or all of the production process. In other words, textile design is a process from the raw material into finished product. Fiber, yarn and finishes are the key elements to be considered during the textile design procedure. (definition from Wikipedia)

As a computer graphic designer, my process can be seen as somewhat similar to this... I create a digital image of the business literature and require raw material (paper) to print this item on, in such a way that I can place the finished product in your hands. So for me to continue to create paper products like note cards, calendars and other great ideas you'll just have to wait to see (shh....its a secret) its nothing outside my comfort zone, just a great opportunity to create wonderful new items.

But as a textile designer, that is where the real adventure begins. I've just started the research on creating the decorative side of a raw material; FABRIC. Fabric design in the textile world is a huge industry right now. New designs and fabric styles are coming out monthly if not daily and whether I'll be able to catch a ride on this wagon in time, is still to be seen. I know that the fabrics in my mom's collection are huge inspirations to me and I hope that some of these designs rub off on me and I can create brand new designs. They may or may not become actual fabric, for the process is a long one... but no one says I cannot create paper products inspired by the idea of fabric and their complimentary elements. 

There is so much to look into, many ideas to create and many new printing procedures to learn and embrace. 

So here is a sample of some inspiring fall colors that may sneak into some of my up-and-coming designs.

Keep your eyes open for more teasers and hints on how my new design adventures are going.

New Post to look for:
   • Trials and tribulations along the way
   • Samples and Teasers of new designs
   • Design Hints and Tips when producing Printed Material

Monday, January 23, 2012

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I hope you enjoy these adorable cards. 
Many new creations in the works, so stay tuned for great things still to come.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quilts! Well Almost....

As I finish up the last of the doll projects for my daughter, I have come to realize first hand what the appeal is to quilting. Now for me, its not so much the use of the sewing machine but the pattern and the matching, end to end, of one great piece of fabric after another. In how you get a wonderful image once you put together a number of fabrics. Fabrics that I would never imagine would go together in the first place. It reminds me of pointillism during the Post-Impressionism era... all those little dots; alone they make nothing but together they have this visual affect that you can only see once you step back and take in the whole canvas. I think of the same visual affect when quilting; single strips of fabric may or may not be appealing, but sew them together and a bigger image emerges and the quilt becomes a gorgeous piece of artwork for one's bed or wall.

The sad thing is these first few projects I've done are no where near "pieces of artwork". I've kept them simple but my daughter is in love with the ending results and their purpose; keeping her and her dolls warm, so I'm happy!

But my toes are now wet and the need to refine my sewing skills is upon me. Whether I get the time to actually cut and sew an actual quilt pattern is still to be seen, but I have my eyes on a few patterns, Heather Bailey's PICNIC Blanket is sure to be at the top of that list.

Below is the "No Sew Disney Fleece Blanket" that I re-purposed to make a larger bedspread. The hot pink fleece fabric for the backside was cut into strips (with help from my mom...fleece not fun to cut) to enlarge all four sides of the front panel, then two blues from a "Crystal" collection, bought at Homespun Harbor, were sewn together to make a new back, then batting in the middle and a few knots to keep it all in place.

I used all the same material along with some denim to make a quick piece together blanket for my daughter's 20" doll bed. I created the quilt design according to the size of strips I had left over; cutting squares, rectangles and triangles accordingly.

Daughter's Room...Done!

Thanks for sharing in my epiphany of quilting and my new found love for sewing.

More graphic design adventures soon to come.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine Cards

I decided this year that the adults should have their own Valentine's Day cards to hand out. Why should the kids get all the fun?

With some artistic sketch work and the joy of my computer design programs, I whipped up three simple but adorable designs for you to hand out to all your loved ones.

Why not have a flat card to write "To" and "From" on, along with room on the back to write a personal message for that special someone!

The valentine cards are 4.25 x 5.5 inches; printed on bright white matted card stock and come with envelopes if you need to mail them instead of deliver them.

20 cards to a package:
5 of two designs and 10 of the third design (words heart) 
$30 (includes the shipping)


An electronic 
PDF version and 
print them yourself.  

Order TODAY!
Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

I accept Paypal or money orders!

Email order to:
Subject Line:     Friendship
   Let me know if you want print or electronic version. I'll send payment instructions along with confirmation of order within 24hrs.

*Any graphic design advertisements that appear on my emails, posts and blog page are those of Google Ad Sense, that I allow to run but I am not affiliated with these companies, therefor they are my competitors and I make no profit if you order from these companies by mistake, thinking they are part of my business. *

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Julie & Julia

I was watching the movie "Julie & Julia" today and realized that when the movie came out, blogging was this new and adventurous thing. As I watched the movie, I realize you cannot be anything but inspired in so many ways. From wanting to cook, to achieving a goal for one's self.

Its funny to me though that I'd be writing about a lady who blogged about cooking and Julia Child, on my own blog. But the thing is, I realized that the movie made me think about my own business, my blog and my life. My "A Jewel'd Design" business has been around for about 8 years now... on and off as my life as evolved from daughter to wife to mother of two beautiful girls. And it's always been there as an outlet to my creative moments. But graphic designs have not always been the only creativity in my life. I love to draw, hand stitch fabric panels, scrap booking, painting, assembling greeting cards, the occasional room decor adventures and so many other little things that don't fall under the career skills of a graphic designer. So do I limit my blog to just the graphic design side of my life or do I include all that I do that is artsy and creative? And will the blog still be successful and thrive? For I have many great adventures to come; new designs, new avenues of the business and of course all the wonderful things I get to create and design for my girls.

I don't want "A Jewel'd Design" to be just graphics, for I'm inspired every day by many things but mostly by my mom. She does so much and is always inspiring me to do new things without even knowing it. Just being around her and her studio makes me want to be creative in every aspect of my life.

My mom is a great seamstress with a fabric collection to die for. Enough notions and supplies to be jealous of and so many wonderful ideas and plans that you can't help but get swept up in them. Every day I see her, I go home wanting to start or finish a creative project that I might have lost inspiration for: designing my daughters doll bed quilt (which means using a sewing machine which i still have lots to learn about) or pulling out the sketch pad and pencil and getting some Valentine card images created, or just fine tuning the look of my blog page because she had some great ideas for her own blog, and I want mine to look just as great as hers. I just love the creative energy she gives me when I'm around her.

And with all of this wonderful energy out there, I hate the idea of not share these creative moments just because I didn't do it with a computer or design it for some big company.

So I've decided you will see, not just my graphic design moments, but all my creative moments that arrive in between. For I'm not just a designer, but also a daughter, wife and mother, and want to share all those moments of creativity with you this year and hopefully years to come.

Things to be coming soon!

• My adventures with doll quilts and Disney character bedspreads
• Flat Valentine Cards
• More Logo creations
       and so much more!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Business Cards and Logos

With the new year comes new beginnings and great new businesses. A new business needs a new look, a logo and some marketing to help keep them out in front of it's competition.

A good example of this need for new looks, is a great little business I've come to know, Delicate Moments. A photographer with a talent for scenic images and the most precious portrait work with kids and family.

This year, she's decided a business card is an absolute need for her business's success. She gave me one of her favorite photos and the proper contact information, and I was able to design her four different business card layouts to choice from.

Now the photo is a sweet black and white rendering of its original and really gives me a clean black and white look to work with. I can really utilize the clean professional feel of just black and white, but still have a soft touch by using the photo as the focal point.

I did design two of the four cards, so that the photo shared the space with the contact information, but still gave the photo an artsy flare.

As you enjoy the new year and work towards your many goals both personal and professional, always keep in mind how you could represent yourself to the public eye: be creative, unique and individual.

Some new adventures and designs still to come by end of January so keep your eyes open.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012... time to test new things!

I'm working on new elements within blogger and the best way to utilize the photo link options with archived post.

So go back in time with me and take another look at my Blog Header post. 

Design Tips: The New Calling Card

Enjoy and continue to look for new and exciting creations from me in January!
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