Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Holidays on Cyber Monday

Now that the Holidays are upon us, its time to spread the joy to everyone we know. What better way to accomplish this then with a holiday greeting card.

These cute little cards started out as a sketch while brainstorming some of my favorite things and once the ideas were flowing the creation was easily transformed into a greeting card anyone would enjoy.

I hope that you love this Happy Holidays card as much as I do.

Take advantage of this great Cyber Monday Special Good til 11:30pm November 28th! Just email me your order with "Let It Snow" typed in the subject line.

Happy Holidays is a
5" x 4" card that bleeds off a wonderful Premium Photo Paper.

Envelopes are included

$25 for 40 cards
$10 for each additional 
20 cards ordered 
regular price $35 for 40, 
$1.50 for every 2 cards thereafter.

All orders will be shipped within 24 hrs of receiving your payment via check or PayPal. Shipment to you is included in price.

*Any graphic design advertisements that appear on my emails, posts and blog page are those of Google Ad Sense, that I allow to run but I am not affiliated with these companies, therefor they are my competitors and I make no profit if you order from these companies by mistake, thinking they are part of my business. *

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