Friday, October 14, 2011

Reworking the Work Space!

There comes a time when you have to not just take you and your work serious but the space you use just as seriously. And I was in desperate need of some seriousness.

When we moved into our new condo before my second daughter was born, I thought I could share a small but antique desk with my husband. It was to house two computers, my printer, the bill paying center I had created and some essential supplies and paperwork. I used a filing cabinet to hold the printer up and store the supplies & paperwork, and we would share the one office chair since I was home during the day and him at night..... Man was I wrong!

My graphic design clients were starting to increase again, and we were fighting for the chair at night, once the children went to bed. Let alone the need for desktop space and elbow room... it was getting bad.
Then it hit us... we had extra furniture in storage and a gorgeous kitchen table that we could re-purpose as a work station, since it doesn't fit in the kitchen for two adults with two small children.

This wonderful bar top table is actually 54x54", but has this great design to fold down to 27x54" which turns out to fit the space reserved for the office.

With a custom glass top, this great wood table will stay in great condition while we work, without the wear and tear that it's bound to see.

As we add the five foot tall corner shelf unit, all the supplies I need have a home and still look great and organized. And with the two shelves on the under side of the table, I have room for boxes and my bill paying center, while the printer and a CPU can hide away behind the brand new chairs on the bottom shelf.  Thank you Target ( for having the 29" chairs we needed for simply $49 each.

Now add a few accessories and we can work side by side at anytime with all this new space. Its been a great transformation and is leading to other great projects around the house that need to be reworked and re-purposed.

So keep your eyes open for the before and after photos of my craft area, which should help me with all the invitation and greeting card requests that come along during the holidays, and I hope to get some new post up soon; all about Blog headers, the rest of my autumn decorating and so much more!

In the mean time, have a great weekend!

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