Monday, October 17, 2011

My Creativity in Many Forms

As I get back into the swing of my computer design work, I have also been reorganizing my craft projects within a new work space. For if the work space doesn't provide you with the right amount of storage and table top space, no projects ever get finished.

When we re-worked the office space, we brought in some of my old craft space elements into the other half of the living room and made me a respectable table top space with cabinets to store the pieces to my most favorite projects.

With all these things I love to do, a proper craft station was necessary. And with the extra space still available under the windows, my oldest girl can sit beside mommy to work on all her craft projects. Such a win, win!

See I love to hand stitch details into holiday Sampler Quilts. And its been a year since I worked on my last one, (look to part two of the "A Little More Fall"  post to see my first ever autumn quilt) So I'm past due to prep and start on my next holiday quilt. I also like to dabble in scrap-booking, which transitions well into creating Invitations, Baby Announcements and Greeting Cards for my clients, family members and friends during this time of the year. Let alone fixing and sewing items for the two little girls in my life. And the graphic design jobs can lead to large production projects that need more space then even my new office work station can give me. (Visit the "Re-Working the work space" post to see how that turned out.)

So now, all my creative hobbies have the space they need for me to finish them. From the Business Literature for that small local business to the newest holiday quilt, I can provide the best quality workmanship for all!

Looking forward to sharing some new design work in my next few blogs; gift cards, blog headers, company logos and so much more! See you soon!

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