Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Little More Fall!

Well since everyone is in the spirit of Autumn & Fall with their blog post.... I might as well join the group!

With Autumn here and Halloween fast approaching I finally got a little of Fall placed around the house. With some help from Pier 1 Import last year, I had a gorgeous Thanksgiving center piece and flatware for the table.

So this year i have taken some of the same pieces from the center piece and decorated my much smaller table (due to a much smaller kitchen this year) to help bring the lovely colors of autumn into our eating space.

Though I am a designer on the computer for work, I also love to dabble in scrap-booking, hand stitching fabric sample quilts, and home decorating in my, very limited, spare time. Sometimes these things cross over and other times they are a thing all their own. Decorating my home for the seasons is definitely one of those things I love to do when time allows, again a mother of a five year old and a two month old. And though I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked this year, the table is set and is enjoyed at every meal.

More Fall home decor pictures to come this week as I finally pull all the boxes out of the garage and get into gear!

Stores I love to buy seasonal items from:
Pier 1 Import:

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