Friday, October 21, 2011

Design Tips:  The New Calling Card

I recently came across the newest calling card. It is something we take for granted, we view them everyday as we surf the web, look up our favorite websites or blog pages. Every time we type in a http or www address, it is the first thing we see; the images, colors and shapes at the top of the page.... the HEADER!

These days the most successful blog pages and websites don't just use a generic template or stock photos provided by the hosting company, they have created themselves a look, a branding. They have taken a logo, text, photos & images and created something that you will remember. No matter where you see these uniquely grouped visual cues, you will always think of that one company, person or product. And what better way to get yourself out there then by utilizing the most popular social network, the world wide web.

This new calling card of sorts has also become a new avenue for me to explore within my design capabilities. It has given me the freedom to design something for a client that really combines all the basic elements needed when trying to brand oneself to the world. I can now create a logo or name for a company or product and give the client an expanded visual affect that has less limitations then printing a business card and more space then a 3.5x2 inch card can give. But don't get me wrong... a business  or calling card that is printed and ready to be left in some one's out stretched hand is still VERY necessary. I am a HUGE fan of the printed word and literature necessary to run a business or promote a hobby, but why not utilize what is free and out there for all to see at any given moment.  If you are going to put yourself on the web for millions to view, do it right!

There is no reason why you can not customize the FIRST thing people look at when they type http://www. a b c.... But make sure that what people see at the top of your web page or blog page is memorable and represents what you are saying, selling or promoting.

Here are two of my favorite blog headers that I had the pleasure of creating for some of my newer clients.

The header designs have been so successful that one client turned his blog header into his signature image for whenever he posts a comment or opinion on another site. The other client has been able to utilize her header in a variety of ways and now has it as a place holder on her website, while it's under construction, as the main focus on her blog calling cards and looks great as a header when she prints her fliers. It is just a great all around collage of images, text, photos and colors that represents her and what she loves.

So in the near future, while you dream about that new online business or want to publish your most cherished thoughts, also think of me.

Contact me today at and lets create Something Great Together.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let your Header say it ALL!

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