Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn Has Arrived!

With Autumn now upon us, many people get whimsical. Whether they take photos, write poetry, decorate their porches and homes or write that one unforgettable post on their blog page.

Over the past decade as a graphic designer I have been given the opportunity to create many wonderful pieces of literature that go along with this crisp Autumn theme. But the opportunity to write during this time of year or any season, has been minimal. Graphic Designers rarely need to write the content that goes in the business literature a company needs. The client knows their products and services the best and are great at providing such content to us to design that brochure, catalog, post card etc.... We may give advise when asked, create a byline or caption on occasion but writing full paragraphs is a rare thing.

And for me that is a good thing. For writing is like a second language to me, still learning.

I have perfected how to make a small phrase look like a piece of artwork at the top of a page; how to make a long body of text flow from subject to subject without losing the clients attention, visually. But my writing is still in progress and I'm constantly working on making my own words flow from sentence to sentence, from topic to topic. So my posts may be a little weird to read at times, they may get a little lost in thought and it may have a few ERRORS in grammar/vocabulary (Gasp... errors. No it can't be!) But that is the thing about myself and many other graphic designers, we are artist and did not get degrees as an English major but as an Artist!

So I hope you enjoy my work in progress with the written word and continue to enjoy all the artistic elements I share with you over the months to come. For I have much to share and hope I can be of help to you with your next business, or personal, piece of literature.

Pieces of Literature that I can create for you:
Greeting cards • Invitations • Baby Announcements
Company Logo • Business cards • Brochures • Catalogs
Post Cards • Calendars • Price Sheets • Letterheads 
      and so much more!

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