Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Designer Tip: How to Submit Photographs for Business Literature

So as I work on a new blog header for a client today, I was given the chance to educate this client on how important it is to submit an image correctly for any project. She was curious to why I was taking the photo the way I was. Though the client wanted the product to be a close up image to show almost no background, I was taking the photo far away to gain as much background as possible to help the image blend and crop properly for the space allocated on the header and not lose any of the details.

With lots of "white space" or background imagery, a graphic designer is given the opportunity to showcase the whole object OR zoom in to crop only the most detailed area of interest. We can then choose what works best for the business literature and not what works best for the only view given to us for that item., it limits the graphics's potential to shine!

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A great example of needing lots of "white space" is real estate photos. When graphic designers are creating an advertisement, brochure or post card we will always want at least one photo of the front of the house. But the exterior of any home is not the same from one house to another, so they may not view the same within the a standard square or rectangle template.

depending on the height of the rectangle box we could lose the roof line in this photo

the dark spaces are what could get cut off to keep the photo zoomed in close

So if we do not have enough white space around the exterior of the house, a very square exterior home (two stories lets say) will get cut off in a rectangle box of an advertisement if there is not enough surrounding area visible to zoom out on.

And you never want white boxes on either side of your photo when a border is present, you always want a clean look to any business literature you have created.

one of the worst things to see on a post card, or newspaper ad... never waste such space! Re-take the photo!

 So never be afraid to take a picture with room to spare, we graphic designers Thank You!

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