Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Creative epiphany! It's time for a Revise.

I realized as i work on the blog for one of my clients, that I have neglected my own business. Here I am putting time and effort into the art and style of a new business but have not put the same effort into look of my own blog page. Yes I went out and took great pictures of something I see everyday as I come and go from my front door, but have I bothered to create an original header to my blog page?...No!

For some reason many of us have the tendency to give such time and care to our clients, our products and our services. We hire others to do the things we can't to improve our business' creditability, but when it comes to the services we can do, we don't take the time to do them for our own company. It's like the saying goes "A mechanics car is always the last to be worked on" for who wants to come home and work on his own car when he has slaved over others for 8 hours. Though his car is his presided possession, just like many of us cherish our businesses and want to start out on the right foot and check every dot and cross every T before we get started. But there always seems to be something we fall behind on, leave out or procrastinate on.

So I've taken the time NOW....before I advice another company or create another piece of literature, to care for my business, to tend to my company's needs and create a header for my blog page that showcases my designs, of the past and present, for all to see.

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